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Adventure Travel to American Samoa

A remote location, American Samoa offers breathtaking views and adventurous trips for those who visit. Whether you want to go somewhere a little further out of the way or you’re interested in checking out remote islands, American Samoa may be a great travel destination. If you do plan a trip, make sure you schedule as many days as possible so you won’t miss out on anything. 

American Samoa

Things to Do and See

The one must-do thing on your list should be a visit to the National Park of American Samoa. This is located on the Tutuila and Manu’a islands. It’s also a good idea to visit Ofu Beach, drive up to the village of Aoloau to view the Tafuna Plan below, and check out the Fagatogo Marketplace. There’s boat fishing, hiking, and plenty of other activities to do, as well, depending on your interests and how much time you have to visit. 

Best Time to Visit

The wet season, which is from November to April, is generally not the best time to visit. Cyclones are possible during this time and it tends to rain a lot, so you might not get to have all of the outdoor fun you planned on the trip. Instead, it’s better to go between June and October, the dry season. While it’s definitely hotter this time of year, it’s not as humid and it’s not going to rain a lot. 

Eating and Drinking

As much as possible, enjoy typical American Samoan cuisines. Many meals consist of seafood, caught fresh each morning, and the use of coconut cream and milk when cooking. To drink, Kava is the most popular option. Other options include Niu or a beer called Vailima Beer. This is definitely something for adults to try when they visit American Samoa, as it’s widely considered one of the best in the Pacific region. 

Know Before Going

It’s best to plan carefully before visiting, as many of the most popular activities will book quickly. It’s possible to visit remote islands like Ofu or Ta’u, but this is best planned in advance to make sure it’s possible to get there. The currency is US dollars and there are no taxes, so this is a great opportunity to shop. 

If you’re looking for a beach adventure or you’d like to visit remote islands, American Samoa is a terrific destination to consider. With plenty to offer, plan on spending at least a few days here, if not a lot longer.